HappyCustomers Review


The service and assistance from the call center agents, and follow up staff through to the staff at documents has been friendly, knowledgeable and extremely helpful at all times. I was pleasantly surprised that service like this is still alive. Well done to all, Anne.


With the exception of a couple e-mail confirmation glitches, my experience was quick and painless. A customer service rep called to complete verification and explain the process. I did the application on a weekend and had the money in my account in 2 business days. I will definitely use them again. Lori P.


Everyone was very helpful. Mostly done over the internet. I received the loan in less than 4 days and it was a very easy process. Amanda E.


I was recently looking for a loan and I couldn't find a good deal anywhere. I went onto compare the market and Western Loan Finance popped up. I input my details and believe it or not, they called me back the same day and confirmed that they could authorize the loan. Hernandez was the person whom dealt with my inquiry and within 2 days I had the money in my account. He contacted me throughout the procedure to make sure everything was running smoothly and also gave me the best deal possible. Hernandez worked around my income and found me a suitable monthly price for the repayments that myself and Western Loan Finance were happy with. If you ever want a loan, I would totally recommend Western Loan Finance and to speak to Hernandez. His customer service skills were amazing and he did everything for me within 48 working hours. Thank you so much for your generosity and help Hernandez. You truly are a huge asset to your company. Couldn't have walked out from your office happier than I was!! Thank you! X.. Bumble B.



I got a short term loan and the process was so quick and easy! The money was in straight away and the advisory Hernandez was very helpful and friendly. He even checked once the process was complete to ensure i was happy with the service I received. Definitely recommend this company. Harisa Hussain


Most willing to help me when other companies would not. Staff went above and beyond to assist. At no time was I rushed. WONDERFUL EXPERIENCE!!! Jack.


Great discount offers for long time customers. Quick & easy application. The Customer Service team is very pleasant to talk to & they are great at processing your application. Richard.


The easiest and best loan application process I've ever known. Money in the bank within days of offer. Cooper.


I own a small business in Ontario and can't thank Hernandez and his team enough for how much they have helped us grow.  They are fast, efficient and most of all always trying to seek ways to save us money!! The process is quick however not too quick that you feel as though it is not legit.  This has been a life saver to our business! We are now expanding and thankful that Western Loan Finance is on board for the expansion.  Thank you Western Loan Finance for believing in us! Jackie N.


Thank you very much assisting me with a personal loan, service was prompt and very friendly. Joe.


It was easy to apply for a personal loan with Western Loan Finance and they were quick to respond. They made the process seamless and were very helpful. I am happy I chose them. I would highly recommend. Andrea C.


We've grown our digital marketing agency 400% over the last few years. The flexible financing provided by Western Loan Finance has been there when we needed it, unlike the traditional banks. Christian Thomson.


Very quick and honest. The other companies want to charge extreme interest I was satisfied with my rate due to my credit score going up. I would recommend 100%. Kim T.


I have been in business for more than 33 years.The best way I can describe it is like this. Running a small business can be like going for a ride in a washing machine.First you get soaked,then chemicals are dumped on your head,then your spun,and finally you get hung out to dry! All kidding aside,these guys get it and are very easy to deal with.Their terms are flexible,and the process is efficient.I have used them on multiple occasions involving 3 companies over an 8 year period.They have earned this review. Thanks,Steve.


Get place staff very friendly helpful and works with you highly recommend this place for your financial needs. Lorie C.


I have had two previous loans with this company. The first was to help rebuild credit. I was able to later qualify for a larger loan which I paid off with no issues. The process was quick and easy. I have no complaints with Western Loan Finance. Larry C.


I recommend Western Loan Finance to everyone. Easy, quick, and convenient! Helps everyone that needs assistance with financial loans! Thanks Western Finance!! Eric A.


I contacted Western Loan Finance when I needed a title loan as was in a financial bind, so glad I did , the rates are competitive and Hernandez is supportive, considerate and good looking ! It's too bad he's married ! She's a lucky girl! I would never consider going to anyone else, thank you Western Loan Finance! Amy S



I have had a wonderful experience dealing with Greg. He was so easy to deal with, great customer service and went out of his way to make the process easier for me.  Going forward this is the only business I will deal with.  I would recommend Western Loan Finance to anyone and everyone! Lisa N.